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Work on paper 2009

'ANNUAL AFFORDABLE ART EXHIBITION 2009 - WORKS ON PAPER' Group Exhibition . November 2009-January 2010 Corban Estate Arts Centre, Waitakere

CEAC’s annual exhibition of affordable artworks, this year’s theme is Works on Paper with 2D and 3D artworks using paper as a base material.
"Mirror of Light"
Pencil on Moleskine Sketchbook. 14 x 265 cm

Mirror of Light
by A.S Tony Kline (British, 1947-)

In the tree’s
light-burst and burden
of flower
is the silent
growing of what
comes to be
from itself beyond
this bounded knowing.

And the world opens
a glove
to show us a hand
that is empty
world in the core
of ourselves
the shiver of light.

Who knows from what
meaning we come,
birds of no passage,
found here, rootless
with no nest
and no tree,
only this space,
and pure time.

In the tree’s flare
of white, in the ditch
where the thorn tree explodes,
in the bare field,
the lines of mute earth,
I wake: we wake:
you wake: and they –
all the white hedges.

And where they stay
flickering, dying,
we move on
into a further process
another becoming,
lost in it.
You are an eye, a mouth,
a word, O, a word,
and I am
a mirror
where pain
and joy