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Board art 2009

'BoardArt 2009' Centre Of Contemporary Art - Christchurch Exhibition: 1st to 19th of July 2009 "Board Art’ is an annual event at COCA, this will be it’s 7th installment. Board Art is a multifaceted exhibition with several intentions and motivations. Physically, it is a project where artists are invited to create an original artwork using a blank skateboard deck as their common object. The board can be treated as a graphic vessel, a wall mountable sculptural object, or a plinth based sculpture/installation. Participants for this exhibition can be divided in to two categories. The first is an invited selection of contemporary artists, designers and members of the creative community from NZ and abroad - predominantly those with a significant public profile, but also inclusive of emerging and early career designers/illustrators/artists/street artists. The other category consists of 15 students from intermediate, secondary and tertiary level who are selected from a judged competition. The competition involves students submitting their design/artwork on a paper entry form, which then goes before a judging panel. Winning entrants are gifted a blank skateboard to render their concept onto & they are then included as part of the exhibition. As an exhibition it is a celebration of the rich visual culture of skateboarding and the skateboard as an object, with the selection of participants bridging the gaps between fine art, low brow art, graphic design and object. One of the greatest achievements of this exhibition/competition is that it provides our younger participants with the kudos of exhibiting along side some of New Zealand’s most well respected artists and gives them the unique experience of taking ownership of the gallery.