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Posted on: February 4th, 2011 by Anne-Sophie



 An exciting 24 week course, aimed at intermediate and experienced artists. Each term will cover one aspect of arts practice. Students will receive guidance and mentoring from professional arts practitioners, produce one finished piece per term and participate in a group exhibition at the end of each term. This course will encourage artists to develop a professional art practice, create a body of work, be better prepared to navigate the arts environment and understand its expectations. 


Who: For visual arts practitioners [painting, mixed media, sculpture].

Level: The course is intended for intermediate level artists with an existing art practice [emerging level].

When: The duration of the course is one year, divided into 4 school terms (with 25 hours of class time per term). Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings over 6 weeks and there will be a group studio practice weekend each term.

What: Each term class will focus on a specific learning outcome (intention, concept, statement and exposure) as well as studio practice.

• The curriculum includes evening seminars with guest speakers addressing the learning outcome for that term.

• An exhibition of students work will be organised at Corban Estate Arts Centre at the end of each term enabling the students to gain understanding and experience about the practical requirements of exhibiting their work.



Why create this programme?

Anne-Sophie:  “From my experience in teaching, I noted that there is a vast choice of beginner level classes not catering for advanced artists. Undergraduate Foundation programmes and Tertiary Level Education are often difficult to access for working adults. This affordable adult art programme sits right in the middle, offering professional mentoring outside of arts schools and university and focus on guiding emerging artists toward advancing their own practice.”

What are the benefits for the students?

Andrew: “ It enables:

• Networking with peers and fellow artists

• Mentoring from professional arts practitioners

• Supportive incubating environment

• Preparation for gallery exhibition

Who is it for?

Anne-Sophie:  “The course is primarily targeted to intermediate level artists (with an existing personal art practice). It’s open to any intermediate artist in the community in need of mentoring and challenges who want to put a body of work together and be ready to exhibit”.

Andrew: “ For  artists who have taken some time off their art practice and need support to get back into it, artists making unique art at home not knowing what to do with it, artists thinking of decreasing their income job hours to focus on their own practice…. People, who can draw, make, create and need encouragement to get it out there.”

Why a year long course?

Andrew: “‘One season does not make a year’. Six week classes don’t get you back in your own art practice. Engaging regularly over a year in your discipline will create the right opportunities to further your art practice and realise your professional artistic goals.”

Who will be involved?

Anne-Sophie:  “Andrew and I, either together or separately. Artists from the creative hub at Corban Estate Arts Centre will also be involved. There are 15 artists on site, it’s a great opportunity to meet and learn from professional Artists. Lisa Rogers, Corban Estate Gallery’s curator will also mentor the students and prepare them to gallery exhibition’s standards. We will also invite arts Practitioners specialised in their field during the year. We will try to cater the needs of the students and allow them to meet relevant professional artists.”



Andy Tolhurst completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2005 from Auckland University. He has exhibited at the New Zealand High Commission in London and at galleries throughout New Zealand.
Andy is dedicated to helping artists young and old. He has spent time working with youth as well as lecturing to adults.

Anne-Sophie Adelys received a formal and classical arts education at Les Beaux-Arts in France graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in both France and New Zealand and she has been tutoring for 18 years.



Email to receive a course info pack with full details and schedule for the course.

Enrolments close 9th February 2011.