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Innerland 2008

Painting exhibition at Letham Gallery in May 2008. Oil and pencil on wood panel. "With this new work, Anne-Sophie Adelys tells us stories about life, picturing 'inner land' emotions and precious moments. The approach is less contemplative than her previous landscape work, with a deeper content and a lighter representation in term of composition and colours. Her technique evolved and she now brings a drawing touch to her oil painting, creating an etching effect. Digging into personal stories, emotional background and life around her, Anne-Sophie expresses special moments using a landscape imagery. Do you remember how fragile you felt the day you flew away from home to live your adult life? Or how sometimes we all need to stretch and see life in a new angle to understand it? Do you remember the comfort zone tinted with the old fashion wallpaper of your grandparent's house? Anne-Sophie does remember and she uses a soft illustrative imagery to express important moment or special memories, which allow the viewer to feel personally involved. A strong illustrative touch and a great eye for colour and composition gives her new work a joyousness that bounces off the canvas."