Being an artist involves lots of skills. It means you get to be the artistic director, the marketing manager, the sales rep, the business strategy planner, the accountant, the art critic and the writer. It can be a lonely process and sometimes a second pair of eyes and an outsider point of view with an understanding of the industry can help by bringing clarity and coaching.


With 3 years experience in artists mentoring, 15 years of tutoring and as an artist myself, I have developed coaching relationships with many artists in different mediums. I specialise in intermediate level artists with an art practice already in place; who wish to exhibit more often and who are ready to move toward a more professional practice.

 How I can help you:

  • Clarifying your concept
  • Improving your technique
  • Opportunities planning
  • Reviewing and streamlining your work process
  • Reviewing your art statement
  • Reviewing exhibition and residency proposals
  • Approaching art galleries
  • Moving toward a professional art practice
  • Getting you ‘un-stuck’

How does it work?

We meet as often as you need. It could be every second week for a couple of months to get you started and then once a month. You make the agenda depending on what you need; it can be a technical/practical session, a pure mentoring session or a critic session.  The session is usually one hour.

Where do we meet?

We usually meet in my studio at Corban Estate Arts Centre (in Henderson). I can also do studio visits (Auckland only). And if you are not based in Auckland, I also do ‘Skype’ sessions. I’m available for day time, evening and week end sessions.

How do we start?

The best way to start is to email me with some details of what you need or where you are struggling, photos of your work, and a paragraph about your work. From there, I can do a first free assessment of how we could work together.

How to get to Corban Estate Arts Centre?

Take the North Western Motorway (16) and get off at ‘Lincoln Road’. Drive straight to the end of Lincoln Road. On your right is Swanson Road and on your left is Great North Road and across is Mt Lebanon Road. Take Mt Lebanon Road (drive over the railway) and park on CEAC’s Main car park (Free car park). Our sessions are held in my studio in the ‘Opanuku’ building. There are also a nice café and an art gallery on-site to complement your visit. To get more info about CEAC, visit the website.


Feel free to contact me to discuss mentoring options: art[at]